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A New Age Of The Galaxy And The Newly Clone Troops Have Been Made And The Jedi Temple On Coruscant Has Been Built Again.
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 Schatten Daimon's Storyline

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Schatten Damion
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Schatten Damion

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PostSubject: Schatten Daimon's Storyline   Schatten Daimon's Storyline I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 11, 2009 5:04 am

As a newer member of the Jedi Council, Schatten felt as if he still wasn't complete. Not fully feeling as if being a member of the Jedi Council was what would bring him to fully know and understand all he could about The Force, he knew he would have to seek any and all information from various different sources. Knowing this, Schatten looked into all the clans that made their own way of the force. "The Living Force" was what Schatten did believe, knowing that it is important to look ahead but it is even more important to focus on what is happening around you. The Jedi way and The Sith way were fully understood by him, and he could see that they were the same yet also very different, like the sides of a coin. All he wanted to know was if there was a third side to this coin called The Force, like the brim of any coin, not something fully understood or taught. He knew that the Jedi was viewed as "The Light side of the Force" which to him meant the color white, and the Sith were viewed as "The Dark side of the Force" which to him meant another color, black. What Schatten wanted was to know if there was any grey. So after countless days meditating alone and thinking, he decided to go to secret locations and places that held teachings of the Force, like older Jedi Temples, or Sith Academies. He believes that these locations could help him further his knowledge.

When he first started to think about what all could there be to the Force, he talked to various members of the Jedi Council. When asking them, they simply told him that what he was doing would eventually lead him down the path to the Sith, and to give up on it. Schatten felt something in him, as if a driving force to learn all he could so he could some day have a full understanding of everything that had to deal with The Force. So he exiled himself from the Jedi Order and went to learn the ways of the Sith but not become submerged by it. That is when he noticed that the Jedi and the Sith teach the same things but in different ways, which is why what was thought was labeled as either " The Sith Way" or "The Jedi Way". Once seeing this, Schatten felt something else that pulled him back to Coruscant. Once there, he saw a young boy named Cadyren who was on the verge of being let out of the Jedi Order due to the fact he was getting too old to be a Youngling. So Schatten took the chance and with the blessing of the Jedi Council, took the young boy as his Padawan. Seeing into the boys mind and heart, Schatten could tell that the boy could go either way, to the Sith or stay under the Jedi Order, but didn't want the boy to be so narrow minded with the Force as all users normally are, no matter if they are Jedi Masters or Sith Lords. So in his current quest to learn all he can about the force and it's different teachings, Schatten saw this a perfect chance to teach his Padawan everything, the black, the white, and any grey he could find, knowing that the young boy has to make his own path and not be forced to stay on one road.

Schatten currently wishes to visit these Planets and Systems for any chance in finding old temples, onclaves, or ruins to further his knowledge of The Force.....

Mustafar---Southern Jedi Ruins at the "Smoking Forest" to learn the ways of "The Blackguard".
Coruscul (near Coruscant)-----To find a old temple to learn the ways of "The Order of the Silver Jedi"
Dyspeth ( a moon that was located in the shadows of an Outer Rim planet)----- To find a old temple to learn the ways of "The Disciples of Twilight"
Sinkhole Station (a space station located in the Maw Cluster, an unstable and mostly unnavigable cluster of black holes)---To learn the way of "The Mind Walkers"
J't'p'tan (deep in the Koornacht Cluster)---To find The Temple of Infinite Spirit and to learn the ways of "Adepts of the White Current"
Nam Chorios---To learn the ways of "The Theran Listeners" and their force ability called "Theran Force-listening".
Kathol Rift (The Rift was known to induce hallucinations in those who traveled within the vicinity, with the effect often amplified in Force-sensitive beings. Common hallucinations included spiders and other arthropods.)----To learn the ways of the Force from The Aing-Tii
The nomad survivors of the Force teachings called "The Ember of Vahl"

Schatten knows that after he has visited these Planets and learned their ways, he will have a full understanding of the Force and at that point will either make his own Order, like the Jedi have their "Jedi Order" and the Sith have their "Sith Order", or he will return to the Jedi and share his knowledge with the Council, but he does not know which he will do.
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Schatten Daimon's Storyline
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