Star Wars: The New Age
Star Wars: The New Age
Star Wars: The New Age
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Star Wars: The New Age

A New Age Of The Galaxy And The Newly Clone Troops Have Been Made And The Jedi Temple On Coruscant Has Been Built Again.
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PostSubject: Cadyren   Cadyren I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 31, 2009 3:59 pm

Name:Cadyren Caldin
Rank:Jadi Padawan (He is still technically a Youngling but he is of the age where a master can take him on as an apprentice, making him a Padawan)
Alliance:Light side/Neutral
Species: Human
Homeplanet :Tatooine

Appearance:Cadyren is talll for his age, standing at nearly six feet tall. He has short, dark brown hair that isn't even a inch long. He is broad shouldered and has a lean, slightly muscular build, making him look much larger and intimating then most people of his age group.
Eyes Colour: Brown
Hair Colour:Dark Brown
History:Cadyren lived on the planet of Tatooine in his early years, living on a poor farm with his parents. When he was four a jedi came to Tatooine on a mission to stop a hutt from smuggling illegal weapons into Republic space. The jedi sensed his affinity with the force when he was talking to his father, suprised by the strength of it. He was taken to the Jedi Counsil after the mission was finished and was accepted into the Jedi Order, where he would train for the next nine years of his life.

Cadyren always had trouble controling his emotions, and was often scolded for this, which led to him getting angrier and siometimes led to him lashing out with the force at his masters, hoping to harm them. when he turned ten he began to have better control over his emotions, but he still would occationally lash out with the dark side of the Force at people who angered him.

Cadyren is now thirteen years old, and is now old enough to become a Jedi Padawan. Few knights or even masters want him as an apprentice because of his problems with his emotions.Cadyren is worried that he will not be able to get a master and that he will no longer be able to become a full Jedi, but he constantly tries his best to show that he is highly skilled at both combat and decision making to get the attention of one of the Jedi without a Padawan.

Stats:(stats one must be 100 the other 90 but the rest 1 or 89 but health and force and add it to the signture)
Melee Weapon Training:65
Ranged Weapon training:20
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PostSubject: Re: Cadyren   Cadyren I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 31, 2009 4:01 pm

approved unless said otherwise
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PostSubject: Re: Cadyren   Cadyren I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 31, 2009 4:03 pm

yes approved

Melee Weapon Training:90
Ranged Weapon training:30
the handle of my lightsaber
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PostSubject: Re: Cadyren   Cadyren I_icon_minitime

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